Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome Back... Newbery Honor Book Report

Welcome back!
The Newbery Award is one of the highest awards a children's book can get. The book must be creative and critically received. The American Library Association states that "the purpose of the Newbery Medal was stated as follows: "To encourage original creative work in the field of books for children. To emphasize to the public that contributions to the literature for children deserve similar recognition to poetry, plays, or novels. To give those librarians, who make it their life work to serve children's reading interests, an opportunity to encourage good writing in this field." The Newbery Award thus became the first children's book award in the world. Its terms, as well as its long history, continue to make it the best known and most discussed children's book award in this country."

This  book report is not for the winner but to choose one of the honor books:
"From the beginning of the awarding of the Newbery and Caldecott Medals, committees could, and usually did, cite other books as worthy of attention. Such books were referred to as Newbery or Caldecott "runners-up." In 1971 the term "runners-up" was changed to "honor books." The new terminology was made retroactive so that all former runners-up are now referred to as Newbery or Caldecott Honor Books." 

Come to the library where we have put on display the many great Newbery Honor Books for you to 
choose from. You may want to read a more recent one like the novel in verse Inside out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai or Turtle in Paradise by Babymouse series author Jennifer L. Holm. There are many different Newbery Honor books to choose from: funny, sad, historical fiction, poetry, and much more. We can help you find what your looking for @ the Westwood Public Library!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Science Fair!

Getting ready for Science Fair? Need some unique creative ideas?
Check out Science Bob website with lots of ideas and explanations on science experiments and more! Its never too early to start thinking and planning ahead.

Also come on in the Library for plenty of Science Fair books filled with great ideas!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Need a place for homework and some help?

Looking for a place to do some homework after school?

Come to the library for:

  • encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and more
  • free Internet access and a page with links to great homework help websites
  • databases with information on science, history, current events, and more - they’re accurate, up-to-date, and better than Google
  • computers for typing and printing
  • quiet work space
  • friendly librarians to help you find what you need!

Come visit us soon!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome Back!

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to School!
Fall is almost officially here and I am sure the homework is piling up.
Check back here to your friendly neighborhood homework help blog for all your school needs and feel free to post any questions you may have.
- Librarian Lizzy ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Animal Books Martha Jones 5th Grade

There are many kinds of stories that have animals in them, some are about characters who love animals or have a special connection to animals, like horseback riding; others are fantasy and are about animals that can talk like humans and have the same problems as humans.
There is such a wide variety that I implore you to come to the library (the main or the branch) and take a look through our fiction that are labeled with animal stickers.
Here are a few examples of animal books:
(but remember there are plenty more at the library!)
J Fiction
Adler, CS- One Unhappy Horse
Breathed, Berke-Flawed Dogs
Byng, Georgia- Molly Moon
Corder, Zizou- LionBoy
Dahl, Roald- Fantastic Mr. Fox
DiCamillo, Kate- Tale of Desperaux
Graham, Kenneth- Wind in the Willows
Jacques, Brian- Redwall
London, Jack- Call of the Wild
London, Jack- White Fang
Sewell, Anna- Black Beauty
Voigt, Cynthia- Young Fredle
White, EB- Charlotte's Web
White, EB- Stuart Little

As always please post any questions! I'm always happy to help.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Martha Jones 5th Grade- Multicultural Book Report

Below you will find a list of the selection of multicultural books we have at the library. If you have any questions, post them on the blog or come into the library!

Multicultural Books

Alvarez How Tia Lola Came to Stay (Dominican Republic)

Avi Beyond the Western Sea (Ireland)

Bosse Tusk and Stone (India)

Bradby Some Friend (African-American)

Budhos Ask Me No Questions (Bangladesh)

Cameron Colibri (Guatemala)

Carmi Samir and Yonatan (Israel)

Carvell Sweetgrass Basket (Native American)

Chen Peiling and the Chicken Fried Christmas (Taiwan)

Cheng The Lace Dowry (Hungary)

Cheng Honeysuckle House (China)

Choi Year of Impossible Goodbyes (Korea)

Choi Echoes of the White Giraffe (Korea)

Clinton A Stone in My Hand (Gaza Strip)

Cofer Call Me Maria (Puerto Rico)

Cowley Hunter (New Zealand)

D’Adamo Iqbal (Pakistan)

Dhami Bollywood Babes (India)

Dhami Bhangra Babes (India)

Doherty The Girl Who Saw Lions (Tanzania)

Ellis The Breadwinner series (Afghanistan)

Filipovic Zlata’s Diary (Sarajevo)

Flake The Skin I’m in (African-American)

Fletcher Shadow Spinner (Iran)

Fletcher Alphabet of Dreams (Iran)

Forrester Dust from Old Bones (African-American)

Forrester Sound the Jubilee (African-American)

George Julie of the Wolves (Eskimo)

Giff Nory Ryan’s Song (Ireland)

Glatshtein Emil and Karl (Austria/Holocaust)

Hansen The Heart Calls Home (African-American)

Hamilton numerous titles (African-American)

Hausman The Jacob Ladder (Jamaica)

Herrera Downtown Boy (Mexico)

Hesse Letters from Rifka (Russia)

Ho Rice without Rain (Thailand)

Hossack Green Mango Magic (Hawaii)

Hurst Torchlight (Ireland)

Jimenez The Circuit (Mexico)

Jimenez Breaking Through (Mexico)

Johnson Bird (African-American)

Johnston Any Small Goodness (Mexico)

Kimmel Sword of the Samurai (Japan)

Levine Dave at Night (African-American)

Levitin Journey to America (Germany/Holocaust)

Ly Home is East (Cambodia)

McCaughrean The Kite Rider (China)

Mah Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society (China)

Matas Daniel’s Story (Germany/Holocaust)

Mead Girl of Kosovo (Albania)

Monjo Porcelain Pagoda (China)

Morpurgo Kensuke’s Kingdom (Japan)

Mwangi The Mzungu Boy (Kenya)

Namioka numerous titles (China)

Naidoo Web of Lies (Nigeria)

Naidoo No Turning Back (South Africa)

Napoli The King of Mulberry Street (Italy)

O’Dell My Name is Not Angelica (Senegal)

Orlev Run, Boy, Run (Poland/Holocaust)

Orlev The Man from the Other Side (Poland/Holocaust)

Park numerous titles (Korea)

Parkinson Kathleen, The Celtic Knot (Ireland)

Pearsall Trouble Don’t Last (African-American)

Pearsall Crooked River (Native American)

Ryan Esperanza Rising (Mexico)

Ryan Becoming Naomi Leon (Mexico)

Sachs Call Me Ruth (Russia)

Salisbury Eyes of the Emperor (Japan)

Salisbury Under the Blood Red Sun (Japan)

Schanzer Escaping to America (Poland)

Skrypuch Aram’s Choice (Turkey)

Tate The Secret of Gumbo Grove (African-American)

Taylor numerous titles (African-American)

Uchida A Jar of Dreams (Japan)

Uchida The Invisible Thread (Japan)

Watkins So Far from the Bamboo Grove (Japan)

Whelan Goodbye Vietnam (Vietnam)

Whelan Homeless Bird (India)

Whelan The Turning (Soviet Union)

Wood Daughter of Madrugada (Mexico)

Woodruff The Orphan of Ellis Island (Italy)

Woodson numerous titles (African-American)

Wyss Bear Dancer, The Story of a Ute Girl (Native American)

Yee Tales from Gold Mountain: Stories of the Chinese in the New World (China)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Martha Jones 5th Grade- Historical Fiction

Books or stories in the historical fiction genre blend actual historical facts with fiction. A story could be a fictional account of a character but during a real historical period in time ( for example Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson). There are many stories to choose from, because there are many different periods of time that you can find a story in. Look here for to see an interesting chart that explains the different kinds stories in historical fiction.
Here is a very detailed list of some of the historical fiction books we have in the library. There are so many, that if you want to come to the library we can help you find the kind your looking for.

Historical Fiction

600 A.D. – 1599 A.D.

Medieval Worlds

J Fiction

Armstrong- Raleigh’s Page (1500’s/England)

Armstrong -Whittington (1423/Black Plague)

Avi -Crispin: Cross of Lead and At the Edge of the World (England)

Bulla- The Sword in the Tree (King Arthur)

Camelot- Camelot (King Arthur)

Crossley-Holland Arthur Trilogy (King Arthur)

Cushman -Catherine Called Birdy (England)

Cushman -Matilda Bone (England)

Dana -Young Joan (France)

Davis -Future Knight (1409)

DeAngeli -The Door in the Wall (England)

Dorris -Sees Behind Trees (America)

Edwards- Dragon: Hound of Honor (France)

Grant -Blood Red Horse (Crusades)

Jinks -Pagan Series (France)

Kelly -Trumpeter of Krakow (Poland)

Konigsburg -A Proud Taste for Scarlet & Miniver

McGovern -Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest (England)

McKinley- The Outlaws of Sherwood (England)

Mitgutsch- A Knight’s Book (/Germany)

O’Dell -The Captive (1500’s/Mexico)

Picard- Stories of King Arthur & his Knights (King Arthur)

Pope- The Perilous Gard (England)

Snow - Sisters of the Sword (Feudal Japan)

Spradlin -Youngest Templar series (Europe/Crusades)

Stolz - Bartholomew Fair (England)

Sutcliff- Tristan and Iseult (Ireland)

Treece - Splintered Sword (Vikings)

Vanderwal -The Battle for Duncragglin (Scotland)

Westall - The Wind Eye (England)

Yolen- Dragon’s Boy (King Arthur)

Yolen - Sword of the Rightful King (King Arthur)

1600 A.D. – 1799 A.D.

U.S. Colonial/Revolutionary Times

J Fiction

Anderson - Chains (Revolutionary War)

Anderson- Forge (Revolutionary War and sequel to Chains)

Anderson - Fever 1793

Avi -Captain Grey (Pirates)

Carlson - Attack of the Turtle (1776/Revolutionary War)

Collier - My Brother Sam Is Dead (Revolutionary War)

Cooney- Ransom of Mercy Carter (Colonial America)

Duble -The Sacrifice (Salem Witch Trials)

Duey- Hoofbeats: Silence & Lily, 1773 (Revolutionary War, Boston)

Field -Calico Bush (Colonial America)

Forbes - Johnny Tremain (Revolutionary War)

Gallico- Miracle in the Wilderness (Colonial America)

Giblin -The Boy Who Saved Cleveland (1798/Cleveland, Ohio)

Holmes- Cross of Gold (New Mexico)

Howard - The Crimson Cap (1687/Exploring America)

Hudson - Dawn Rider (Plains’ Indians)

Hurst -A Killing in Plymouth Colony (Colonial America)

Keehn - I Am Regina (French and Indian War)

Kerr -Worlds Apart (Carolinas)

Krensky- The Printer’s Apprentice (New York City)

Laird - Water Rat (Delaware)

Lawson -Ben and Me (Ben Franklin)

Myers -Spy! (Revolutionary War)

Myers -Time of the Witches (Salem Witch Trials)

Nixon - Maria’s Story (Williamsburg)

O’Dell- Sarah Bishop (Revolutionary War)

Petry - Tituba of Salem Village (Salem Witch Trials)

Rees -Witch Child (Witchcraft)

Speare -The Witch of Blackbird Pond (Witchcraft)

Stevenson - Treasure Island (Pirates)

Wyss -The Swiss Family Robinson (Shipwreck)

1800 - 1899 A.D.

U.S. Pioneers, Civil War, Slavery, Reconstruction

J Fiction

Avi -Hard Gold (1859/California Gold Rush)

Avi - Iron Thunder (1862/Civil War)

Avi - The Seer of Shadows (1872 / New York City)

Barker -A Difficult Boy (1839 / Indentured Servitude)

Blos - Letters From the Corrugated Castle (1850’s/California Gold Rush)

Calvert- Bigger (1860’s/Frontier Life)

Calvert- Sooner (1860’s/Reconstruction)

Clark -Hattie on Her Way (1800’s/New York)

Clark - Secrets of Greymoor (1800’s/New York)

Collins -Daughter of Winter (1849/ Massachusetts)

Couloumbis -Maude March on the Run! (1800’s/Frontier Life)

Curtis -Elijah of Buxton (1859/Slavery)

Cushman -The Ballad of Lucy Whipple (1849/California Gold Rush)

Erdrich -The Birchbark House (1850’s/Native Americans)

Erdrich -The Game of Silence (1850’s/Native Americans)

Erdrich -The Porcupine Year (1850’s/Native Americans)

Fleischman - Bandit’s Moon (1853/California Gold Rush)

Gregory -Jimmy Spoon and the Pony Express (1800’s/Pony Express)

Hahn -Hear the Wind Blow (1860’s/Civil War)

Hart- Bell’s Star (1853/Vermont)

Hart - Racing to Freedom trilogy (1864/Civil War)

Helgerson -Crows and Cards (1849/St. Louis)

Hemphill -The Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones (The West)

Hunt -Across Five Aprils (1860’s/Civil War)

Kelly -The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate (1899/Texas)

Ketchum -Newsgirl (1851/Gold Rush)

Kimmel - Mary Ingalls on Her Own (1881/Iowa)

Lawlor -The School at Crooked Creek (1820’s/Frontier Life)

Lyons -Letters from a Slave Boy (1829/Slavery)

MacLachlan -Sarah, Plain and Tall (1800’s/Frontier Life)

McMullan -When I Crossed No-Bob (1870’s / Reconstruction)

Mazer -My Brother Abe (1816/Kentucky)

Paterson -Jip: His Story (1855/Slavery)

Paulsen - A Soldier’s Heart (1860’s/Civil War)

Philbrick -The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg (Civil War)

Rinaldi - The Ever-After Bird (1850’s/Slavery/Underground Railroad)

Ritter -The Desperado Who Stole Baseball (1881/California)

Ruby -Soon Be Free (1857/Slavery/Underground Railroad)

Sanchez -The Invasion of Sandy Bay (War of 1812)

Wells -Lincoln and His Boys (1860’s/Civil War)

Wilder -Little House on the Prairie (Late 1800’s/Frontier Life)

Wisler - Red Cap (1860’s/Civil War)

Zimmer -The Floating Circus (1850’s/Pittsburgh)

1900 A.D. – Recent History

World Wars, Depressions, Modern Times

J Fiction

Armstrong - Sounder (African-American/Sharecroppers)

Blume -Tennyson (The Great Depression / New Orleans)

Brown -The Train Jumper (The Great Depression)

Bunting -Spying on Miss Muller (WWII/USA)

Burg - A Thousand Never Evers (1963/Civil Rights)

Burnett -The Secret Garden (early 1900’s/England)

Casanova -The Klipfish Cause (WWII/Norway)

Cheng - Eclipse (1952 / Hungarian Immigrants)

Cleaver - Where the Lilies Bloom (1960/Smoky Mountains)

Cohen -Mimmy & Sophie: All Around the Town (1920’s/Brooklyn)

Compestine- Revolution is Not a Dinner Party (1972/Chinese Revolution)

Curtis -The Watsons Go to Birmingham (1963)

Cushman -The Loud Silence of Francine Green (1949/McCarthy Era)

Doucet -Fiddle Fever (1914/Louisiana)

Dowell -Shooting the Moon (1960’s/Vietnam War)

Estevis - Chicken Foot Farm (1940’s/Texas)

Goldin- Fire! The Beginnings of the Labor Movement (1911)

Greene -Summer of my German Soldier (WWII/Arkansas)

Gutman - Race for the Sky: The Kitty Hawk Diaries of Johnny Moore (1900/North Carolina)

Hahn -Stepping on the Cracks (WWII)

Harlowe -Blown Away! (1935/Florida Keys)

Hesse - Brooklyn Bridge (1903/Brooklyn)

Hesse - Letters from Rifka (Russian Revolution)

Hesse- Out of the Dust (1929/Depression/Dust Bowl)

Hill -The Year of Miss Agnes (1948/Alaska)

Hobbs -The Big Wander (1950)

Kinsey--Warnock Lumber Camp Library (1920’s/Vermont)

Lemna - When the Sergeant Came Marching Home (1946/Montana)

Levine - Catch a Tiger by the Toe (1950’s/McCarthy Era)

Levine- Dave at Night (1920’s/Harlem Renaissance)

Levitin - Journey to America (1940)

Lieurance - The Locket: Surviving the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (1911/NYC)

Lord - In the Year of the Boar & Jackie Robinson (1940)

Lowry -Number the Stars (WWII/Denmark)

Madden - Gentle’s Holler (1960’s/North Carolina)

Madden -Jessie’s Mountain (1960’s/North Carolina)

Madden- Louisiana’s Song (1960’s/North Carolina)

Matas- Lisa’s War (WWII/Denmark)

Morpurgo -War Horse (England/WWI)

Orlev -The Man from the Other Side (WWII/Poland)

Orlev -Run, Boy, Run

Paterson- Jacob Have I Loved (WWII/USA)

Reiss - The Upstairs Room (WWII/Netherlands)

Robinet - Walking to the Bus-Rider Blues (1956/Civil Rights)

Salisbury- Night of the Howling Dogs (1975/Hawaii)

Salisbury- Under the Blood Red Sun (WWII Pearl Harbor)

Schmidt -The Wednesday Wars (1960’s/Vietnam War)

Skurzynski -Good-Bye Billy Radish (WWI/Pennsylvania)

Smith- Elephant Run (WWII/Burma)

Snyder- Cat Running (Depression)

Sullivan- Annie’s War (1946/Washington)

Taylor -All-of-a-Kind Family (early 1900’s/New York City)

Taylor -Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry (1930/Mississippi)

Testa -Almost Forever (Vietnam War)

Toksvis- Hitler’s Canary (WWII/Holland)

Uchida -A Jar of Dreams (1935/San Francisco)

Watkins -So Far from the Bamboo Grove (WWII/Korea)

Westall -The Kingdom by the Sea (WWII/England)

White -Belle Prater’s Boy (1953/Virginia)

Williams -Titanic Crossing (1912)

Woodruff- The Orphan of Ellis Island (1908/Italian Immigration)

Wynne-Jones Rex Zero and the End of the World (1962/Canada)

Wynne-Jones Rex Zero the King of Nothing (1962/Canada)

Yep The Dragon’s Child (1922/Chinese Immigration)

Yep The Earth Dragon Awakes: The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906

Yep The Star Fisher (1920)

Yolen -The Devil’s Arithmetic (Holocaust)